WiSSH Standard Edition 2.80

Control access to systems remotely

WiSSH Remote Access Technology provides easy, secure, controlled remote access to systems inside your network perimeter. Coupling Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol with the trusted open source SSH protocol in a lightweight client will give you or your customers a highly reliable, scalable solution to your remote access needs.

WiSSH is extremely easy to use, for both end users and administrators. WiSSH can help slash time and expense supporting remote access. WiSSH can easily work with your existing SSH server or you can utilize a dedicated system various operating systems and SSH Daemon server types.

WiSSH allows access through the Gateway SSH server to:

  • Windows 2000 Terminal Servers
  • Windows 2003 Terminal Servers
  • Windows NT Terminal Server Edition
  • Windows XP with Remote Desktop enabled
  • Windows 2000/2003 Servers with Remote Administration enabled

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WiSSH Standard Edition 2.80